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Dr.ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI M.B.B.S.,D.G.O, worked as a Gynaecologist for 18 years in both Corporation & Government of Tamilnadu at Chennai. She has provided invaluable services to the World Population Project under the aegis of the Tamil Nadu State, Government of India. Meanwhile she was developing her skills in the area of health & peace in alternative medicine.

Once a doctor was about to enter operation theatre for a surgery. He was feeling uneasy and checked his blood pressure. His BP was shooting around 200/140. He immediately called Dr.ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI MBBS., DGO., and he was given distant healing immediately. In the next 10-15 minutes, the doctor recovered completely and resumed his duty as usual. Dr ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI says this is no big miracle and even her students are also doing this healing on day-to-day basis.

She has mastered several spheres of body & mind development (in India, USA and other countries) like Reiki, Yoga, Pranic healing, Kriya yoga, Sidha meditation methods, Buddhist healing, Shamanic arts, Egyptian & Melchizedec methods, Egyptian Tarot, Runes, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Crystal therapy, DNA healing, Kwanyin healing, Five element manifestation, Health & Wealth manifestation, Numerology, Vastu, Kabala and many other occult arts.

40 years of experience

The Grand Master

Social Service to the People

The Field Of Experience

Dr.ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI is in this field for the past 39 years. In all these years, she has provided “Initiation” or “Attunement” in person to each and every student who has come to her. She has given over Two Lakh initiations (Attunements) to people in India and other countries as well, bringing great transformations in the life of each and every person who was initiated a considerable number of people have listened and watched her intently to her exposition of the Reiki & other Energy Systems conception on popular TV shows telecast from Chennai. She does not sit on her laurels but surges forward indefatigably to reach her ultimate goal of service to Humanity.

The Grand Master

Being a Grand Master, she has travelled to many countries to conduct workshops on various subjects. For the past 21 years, her mission has been to enhance the Mental, Physical and Emotional well-being of all the people who reached out to her. Her pioneering work was done in the southern districts of the state of Tamil Nadu, where she has trained about 70,000 people – a complete mixed group of people from all walks of life.To date, she has trained thousands of people from different countries on these invaluable and ancient methods of healing, who in turn, are contributing to the society on these valuable healing techniques.

After 18 years of medical practices and 21 years of various types of spiritual services, she has explored the subtle problem of what human beings get into, such as:

Types of Spiritual Services

To enhance Mental, Physical health & Prosperity (MPP), she is doing Human Aura Analysis with a simple machine that will show the energy status (Aura) of a person.

A person’s aura is scanned and individual readings are measured which indicate the levels of Physical, Emotional, Mental well-being. According to the readings, necessary corrective measures are also provided. The readings are so accurate that when this prediction from scanner is provided, it is 100% accurate and can be proven by the individual’s medical tests as well.

Thoughts determine one’s life. However, this is only 50% of the overall picture. Where we live also determines the remaining 50%.

Apart from scanning and measuring aura of a person, aura of buildings, house or office, can also be scanned and measured. One such important application is the Geopathic Stress correction.
Geopathic Stress in your living place is like sitting inside an invisible furnace. The ill-effects it causes are invisible to you and the issues persist despite whatever remedial measures taken so far. Geopathic Stress Correction solves this problem.

In Geopathic Stress correction, the place is scanned for negative radiation under the surface of houses & business places and the unwanted effects (Geopathic Stress) is corrected by suitable corrective measures which are very simple and efficient.

The Geopathic Stress correction has proven miracles in the cases that Dr.ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI has dealt with. There have been many situations where the person who lived in a place was in deep negative stress such as chronic health issue or loss of revenue and/or wealth. Once the Geopathic Stress correction was done, there was immediate recovery.
Dr ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI is a Guru to us like a piece of wood floating on water that helps in the destiny of others. Even a piece of iron that sinks in water can safely cross the water with help of wood like a boat.

As part of the social service to the people

She runs a free healing centre at Virudhunagar, which is operational for the past 19 years, 6 days a week.

Her “Energynests” Institute at Bangalore (affiliated to BSS, Central Government of India), provides certified training courses on healing and therapy subjects apart from running a healing & training centre at Bangalore as well.

Her “Ashirwad” Trust, for the past 20 years, is concentrating on students’ education by helping students from poor background attain necessary education through funding from the trust
Dr ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI says that you do not need to have belief or faith in the “System”. The “System” works automatically whether you believe it or not – just like the planetary System. All you need to do is practice what was taught in the workshop and you will reap the benefits from the “System”.

A benign optimistic smile lights up her face when she meets with all her Reiki aspirants and she patiently explains how Reiki can have a profound impact on one’s life and assist one to cope effectively with the pressures of life.

Dr ARUNACHALAM MEENAKSHI , in her capacity as a Senior Grand Master is a successful healer and teacher par excellence ,a true philanthropist ,who restores health and illumines lives, sharing the amazing benefits of Reiki while rendering yeoman service to humanity.