Hanging Crystalball

Hanging Crystalball

Feng Shui crystals are among the popular choice of today. Balancing the flow of energy and giving a stylish decor to your home is easily done with the help of different types of FengShui crystals. These crystals are a great sourceof energy conductors and works very well in harmonizing the five elements and chi in any given space.A Feng Shui crystal can be used in different ways depending on its color and shape. Therefore while selecting crystals one has to keep in mind its special characteristics.

Feng Shui crystals represent different areas in life and therefore work differently for everyone. For example Feng Shui crystals in pairs are known to improve the love and relationships. Or a Fengshui crystal in the shape of an angel helps in balancing the heaven around you. It is also useful in improving your friends’ life. In this section we will look at the different types of Feng Shui crystals and how to use them for getting the best results.

Feng Shui Crystal Balls

These are the most common types of crystals that is known to most of us. Faceted crystal balls are known to have healing qualities and are used for different kinds of cure. Keep these crystal balls close to sunlight and see your room dance in the colors of the rainbow. Each color that is reflected through the spectrum is known to bring vitality and balance in that given space. This wonderful quality of the crystal ball makes them ideal to act as a shield of protection from sha chi (negative energy). TheFeng Shui crystal ball also beams blessings wherever they are placed. The most common place to hang these crystal balls is from the ceiling, in a doorway or even in windows. But other than these there are other places as well where the Feng Shui crystal ball is very effective. Let’s take a quick look at some of these places:


  • If you want to slow down fast moving chi then place the crystal ball in the center of a long narrow hallway.
  • Sharp corners or objects having pointed edges are a source of negative chi. So one can place crystals around such places especially if it is around where you sleep, eat or relax.
  • Large windows are responsible for letting too much chi to escape. Therefore placing a Feng Shui crystal ball in the center of the window will give effective results.
  • Place a crystal ball in the tai chi (center) of a home or room. This is one place where energy flows rather lowly.
  • Feng Shui crystal ball is also very useful when placed beneath a ceiling fan. It is going to act as a protection shield from the cutting chi from the fan blades.
  • If you want to energize your study area, then put a crystal balldirectly over your head. This will help in inspiring mental activity and enhance concentration.
  • To get the best result from the Feng Shui crystal ball hang it from a red string or ribbon. One can also go for beaded string that includes smaller crystals and accent beads in various colors and help in supporting the energy for a particular purpose. Like green and purple beads are for prosperity, blue and black are for career and pink-reds are for love and romance.
  • The size of the crystal ball is very important. If you want to hang a crystal in the center of a large room then go for 40mm or largercrystal ball. The 30mm size is appropriate for smaller rooms, under ceiling fans or even over bed and desk. The 20mm crystals are just right for the interior of the cars.