Energy Pendant

Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant is a natural energy generating device which improves metabolic and circulatory functions of the body to achieve optimal holistic health. The Stone energy is volcanic eruption after igneous rock form by magma, which after years of wind and rain water, produces active energy ingredients inside, Using advance technology and combined nanotechnology and heat fusion methods for the pendant , It is able to produce and regulate energy level suitable to human form .

It works by radiating natural energy which has definite positive effects on the body including its rich of trace elements that naturally effective balance meridian system and stabilize human's bio-field Increasing the energy level of every single cell in the body facilitating the entry nutrients and elimination of wastes from the cells. Help your cells return to their 'rhythm of life' and regain their ability to repair themselves.

Scalar Pendant Reduces inflammation

  • 1. Scalar Energy Promotes unclumping of cells.
  • 2. Scalar Energy Pendant Enhances circulation.
  • 3. Scalar Energy Pendant Enhances immune and endocrine systems.
  • 4. Scalar Energy Pendant has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria.
  • 5. Scalar Energy Pendant enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification.
  • 6. Scalar Energy Pendant enhances cellular permeability.
  • 7. Scalar Energy Pendant increases energy.
  • 8. Scalar Energy Pendant helps to protect DNA from damage.
  • 9. Scalar Energy Pendant helps to retard the aging process.
  • 10. Scalar Energy Pendant helps to fight cancer cells.
  • 11. Scalar Energy Pendant strengthens the body’s biofield.
  • 12. Scalar Energy Pendant preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health.
  • 13. Scalar Energy Pendant increases focus and concentration.
  • 15. Protects from EMF radiation from mobile and computers (AKA EMF EMR EMP).
  • 16. Heals Strengthens And Protects Mind Body And Soul.
  • 17. Balances And Enhances The Biophysical Energy Field.
  • 18. Promotes Mental Clarity Focus And Concentration.
  • 19. Promotes A Sense Of Balance And Centeredness.
  • 20. Promotes Feelings Of Love Joy Peace And Happiness.
  • 21. Scalar Energy Pendant increases your sexual performance.
  • 22. Helps You Become Relaxed Harmonious Peaceful And Calm.
  • 23. Neutralizes Disharmonious Or Negative Energies.
  • 24. Clears Negative Energies Of Cosmic Or Telluric Origin.
  • 25. Helps To Releases Blockages Or Stagnant Energy.
  • 26. Awakens And Enhances Psychic And Healing Abilities.
  • 27. Ideal for Healers, Lightworkers and Channelers.
  • 28. Expands Consciousness And Awareness.
  • 29. Rapid Revitalisation Of The Organism.
  • 30. Diminishes Fatigue And Tiredness.
  • 31. Enhances Physical Strength And Stamina.
  • 32. Scalar Energy Pendant improves Sleep.
  • 33. Scalar Energy Pendant Retards Aging.
  • 34. Acts As A 24/7 Passive Psychic Shield.
  • 35. Energises Food And Water.
  • 36. Stimulates The Third Eye Chakra Improving Intuition And Creativity.
  • 37. Assists Connection To The Divine Source.
  • 38. Empowers Meditation And Prayer.
  • 39. Scalar Energy Pendant increases Synchronicity.
  • 40. Enhances Manifesting Abilities.
  • 41. Assists Astral Projection And Lucid Dreaming.
  • 42. Suitable For Adults And Children Of Any Age.
  • 43. Beneficial For Pets Animals And Plants.
  • 44. Use As A Pendulum In Chakra And Aura Balancing.
  • 45. Use As A Transmitter Pendulum In Distant Healing.
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  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Enhances Blood Circulation
  • Increases Sexual Performances
  • Enhances Cellular Permeatability
  • Strengthens the Body’s Biofield
  • Helps to retard the aging process and helps to fight Cancer Cells
  • Increases focus and Concentration
  • Helps to protect DNA from damage
  • Enhances Immune and endocrine systems
  • Enhances Cellular Nutrition and detoxification
  • It has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
  • prevents electro-magnetic Waves from affecting one’s Health